That’s a Wrap

Over the course of this semester, I’ve genuinely enjoyed writing about something I have a passion for. However, it is now time for it to come to a close. This was never going to become a big blog with thousands and thousands of followers, but if even a few people got something positive out of this, then I feel the mission was accomplished.

I learned a lot about journalism and writing as a whole from this experience. One big thing I’ll take with me is preparation. Much like a movie, the more you can prepare before hand, the smoother the production will go. In the context of Journalism, that means reaching out to many people for interviews as opposed to just a few. If those few people say no or give no response, then what? Having tons of options open increases your chance of success. Always have back ups, and always know what you want to discuss with your interviewee. I also learned the importance of linking. In the beginning of this blog, I sometimes would talk about or reference certain things without realizing that I could link my content with other content from another site in order to give the viewer more material.

I do feel I made some great content along the way as well though:

An Interview with Sheraz Farooqi of Comic Book Debate.

Putting on the Show!: A tour through the RTN Studio

An Inside Look at All Tomorrow’s Parties

Rowan Television Network President, Sean Kelly. An Interview

How to Succeed in Media: An interview with Jonathan Mason


It’s been a great time running this blog. Always remember to find your passion, strive for improvement, and make the best of your work.


How to Succeed in Media: An interview with Jonathan Mason

So let’s say you’re studying media and content production in general, whether it’s film or TV or Documentary etc., and you’ve been developing skills, finding what you like, and gaining real experience. Perhaps you’re wondering where to go from here. Where do you go with what you’ve learned and the resume building skills you’ve acquired? Maybe that’s even been something you’ve been worried about because you’re unsure what’s out there for you? As my friend, Taylor Forte, Host of Rowan Television Network’s RTN Tonight as well as an intern at Center City Film and Video, once said, “there’s a lot of opportunities that most people in this major just haven’t heard of.”

I’ve taken what he’s said to heart because it’s true. A lot of students in Departments such as Radio/Television/Film here at Rowan aren’t aware of the places they can go, let alone people outside of it. I am guilty of this too. I recently scored an Internship with Center City Film and Video as well and yet the only reason I know that they exist now is because I heard that Taylor was interning there. It can be daunting trying to figure it all out, but getting insight from the veterans can be a big help, which is why I sat down with Professor Jonathan Mason

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An Inside Look at All Tomorrow’s Parties

People fight, they make up, and they go through stuff. It’s normal. People often feel obligated to take care of their family members who are sick. But what if that sick person isn’t quite a person?

All Tomorrow’s Parties is a film focused on the story of Emily, a woman who lives with her boyfriend Victor. She feels unhappy with her life because Victor is unable to bring their relationship forward due to his commitment to his sister, Sarah. There’s just one issue. Sarah is something else. Something monstrous…

I was the Director of Photography (DP) on this film. My task was to aid the director in translating his vision into shots on camera. I, along with my co DP, DJ, would decide camera placements, how the lighting was set up and would plan out the entire shot.

I interviewed Director Shaun Pierson about the aesthetic choice he made, and the story he wants to tell

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The RTF Media Fest 2018

A few weeks ago, the 5th annual Rowan Radio/ Television/ Film Media festival occurred in Bozorth Hall. It was a two day event that showcased the works of Rowan students, Alumni, as well as High School students from local towns. I attended both days of the event and will go over some of my favorites from the fest.

People Like you by Blake Rice

People like you poster PLY guy

The heir to a late billionaire returns to his family’s Beverly Hills estate, where he finds a woman, a corpse, and the keys to a fortune that hangs in the balance. What I really loved about this film is the color and the lighting. The lead actor is often partially hidden by shadows, making him appear mysterious. The film uses a lot of warm colors like Orange and Yellow. The performances given by the lead actor and actress are very good. The actor plays a character who seems very detached from humanity, and even narcissistic. His calm and nonchalant demeanor throughout sells it as he feels the actress’s character is below him. It is revealed in the end that HE killed the person, who was his brother, to inherit the fortune. He planned to frame the woman and tricked her into having the body while he got away.

Silence by Jack Swiker


After an accident leaves her without her hearing, a young woman is challenged to accept her disability with the help of her ASL instructor and the support of the hearing impaired community. The film is, as the name implies, completely silent as the story is told through the point of view of the now deaf woman. Call it gimmicky, but it makes the audience sympathize with her immediately. The shots were also very well composed.

Midnight Broadcast by April Spotts


When an insidious radio drama makes her struggle to overcome her fears, Aria turns her reality into a nightmare.   This one falls under Horror, and the film adheres to the genre really well. dim lighting, creepy music as well as scenes without music at all which can enhance the terror, numerous close up shots that give a claustrophobic feel to it. With a plot twist at the end, Midnight Broadcast is a spooky thriller that demands your attention.


While there were certainly many more good pieces of work at the fest, these three were certainly my favorites. The Media fest is a great way for students to get their first festival type experience which can give them the confidence to submit more work for even larger festivals. That is something I highly encourage and is the best way for an up and coming filmmaker to get their name out there.

An Interview with Sheraz Farooqi of Comic Book Debate.

Managing a blog about film making can be exciting, challenging and fun. The most important thing you need though, is passion. I am certainly not the only one out there and it is interesting to speak to others who also share in that passion.

Sheraz Farooqi, a 24 year old New Yorker, runs a blog centered around movies of the comic book variety known as Comic Book Debate.

He’s an experienced blogger who was kind enough to allow me to interview him and give me some insight into his world and the world of blogging in general.

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Putting on the Show!: A tour through the RTN Studio

Just yesterday, the cast and crew of RTN Tonight filmed the second episode (here’s the first episode of this season) in studio 2 of Bozorth Hall. A lot goes into bringing the show to life. There are numerous moving parts that all need to be on point to create the best show possible and when one part isn’t there then it can throw off the entire production. So let’s see all those components

The control room. In here the director can see all that happens and manage the entire show (photo/Tom Fanelli)

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